Floral Print Palazzo Pant | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Floral Palazzo Pant

  Here we are at another Monday. This past week I started my summer job, meaning Mondays aren’t exactly my favorite right now. But hey, more working = more money for clothes! Although I am working, I’m done with school for the year; meaning I have more time to put into my blog. The last couple months I have felt so bogged down with school that there was hardly any time or inspiration left to put into my blog. Now…

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Currently Loving: Off the Shoulder Tops | White off the shoulder top, embroidered mom jeans, black vans, round sunglasses | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Currently Loving: Off the Shoulder Tops

  Off the shoulder tops have been huge for well over a year now. Although I was a little slow to hope on the off-the-shoulder train, I’m glad I did! For some reason I never got around to picking up a true off the shoulder top last season. It’s not that I didn’t like them, I just never thought to buy one. But, this season I have added two (the other mentioned here) to my collection and could not be…

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Light-weight black bomber with white stripe, green cargo pants, tie up sandals | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Black Bomber for Spring

  Boy has this week been a stressful one; or at least the beginning of it was. I can now happily say I’m officially done with my second year of college! Finishing my last assignment on Monday lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Although I will be working the majority of the summer, I’m oh so excited to have more time to explore the world of blogging and fashion. I mentioned this a few posts ago, but I’m hoping…

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Red Floral Wrap Dress | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Red Floral Wrap Dress

  Nothing says warm weather more than bright colors and floral prints! As you guys know, red has been slowly moving its way up my favorites list. Might sound silly, but I’ve never been into red before. For the longest time I stuck to black, white, navy, and gray in my wardrobe. But now I’m branching out; and by branching out I mean exchanging the navy for some red haha! When I saw this dress online I pretty much knew…

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