Relaxed Fit black pants, white button down, black block heel, embroidered velvet clutch bag | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Relaxed Fit

  Style is more than putting on a fun outfit. For me, its portrays how I feel on the inside. And outfits like this make me feel powerful and confident. Although I don’t work in an office and have no where to wear this look, I’m really digging it. Looks like this make me excited to enter the professional world. More opportunities to dress up = more fun! When I saw these relaxed fit pants I thought they would be…

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black layered cami, patch jeans, lace up sneakers | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Spring Layers

  Happy Spring everyone! Although today marks the first day of spring, it is also the Monday after spring break for me, A.K.A. a reality check. Just thinking of all that has to be done in the near future slightly stresses me out. But at the same time, I’m very excited to see what the next couple months will bring my way. I’m also insanely excited for warmer weather.  Winter is definitely not my favorite season, so seeing it go…

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Currently Loving: Statement Sneakers | afforable and wearable | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Currently Loving: Statement Sneakers

Today marks the beginning of a new series called “Currently Loving”. This idea actually stems from a post I did nearly a year ago titled “Currently Loving: Slip on Sneakers“. In the post I shared my favorite slip on sneakers, both pairs that I owned and pairs on my wishlist. And that is actually what this is going to be; my favorite picks from my favorite trends. Be sure to let me know what you think of this post and…

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black ruffle sweater, gold metallic pleated midi skirt, white and black nike tennis classics | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Ruffle Love

  Happy Monday! It’s hard to believe spring is just a week away with the weather we are having. A huge snowstorm is coming my way tomorrow. Nothing says spring break like a blizzard! At least it will be an opportunity to get some things done inside the house. I went out to shot these pictures yesterday and the wind was so cold I could barely feel my legs afterwards. I was also paranoid that a gust of wind would…

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