5 DIY Hair Hacks

5 DIY Hair Hacks

I always get so many questions and comments on my hair. I figured it would be fun to share some of the tips or “hacks” I have learned along the way! I hope you find these helpful and enjoy the post! Maybe there will be more of these in the future, let me know what you think!



I haven’t bought a dry shampoo in the longest time. For over a year now I have been using baking soda. Yes, you read that right, baking soda. One day I was in quite the pickle with some greasy hair and a ride on the way and this happened. It actually works amazingly!! I’ve never had an issue blending the white powder into my fairly dark hair. Plus it adds major volume and texture. But make sure not to use too much, or your hair will just feel gross. Another alternative to dry shampoo is baby powder. I have heard of many people using this. The only reason I don’t is simply because its not something I keep around in my house.


5 Diy Hair Hacks | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

This is a relatively new trick to me, but man do I love it! For this you take a piece of hair, wrap it around the elastic, then use a bobby pin to thread the piece through the elastic. I know I said with no bobby pin and then told you to use a bobby pin, I’m probably confusing you haha! The bobby pin is only a tool, it doesn’t stay in the hair!

Check out my video below for a clearer tutorial!!



This is a really easy pick me up for dry & dull strands. All you need is coconut oil! And the optional hair dryer and plastic bag. You simply melt down you coconut oil (since it comes in a solid form… at least mine does haha) and apply it to dry hair. Now you can stop here and let it sit for how ever long your willing. I would suggest 10-20 minutes minimum; the longer he better in this situation! Or if you want to amp things up a little, put a plastic bag over your oiled up locks and lightly heat with a hair dryer. This will open up the hair cuticle allowing for the oil to really saturate the hair. Also, if you do use the hair dryer and plastic bag, please BE CAREFUL! Keep your blow dryer on a low heat and a safe distance away from the bag. The last thing you we need is a plastic bag melted to your hair. This has never ever happened to me, I just wanted to make you all aware!


I do this to almost every braid I do; I just think it adds something special to braided hair do’s. Pulling apart your braids is the past way to add volume and even fake the affect of having thick hair! You start by braiding your hair, then before tying off the braid begin to pull on each individual sections. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy! Just not too crazy, we don’t want the braid to completely fall apart!


If you have trouble with bobby pins slipping around, I have the trick for you. Lay out some of your bobby pins onto a napkin (paper towels or cloth towels would work too!) and spray them with hair spray. Once dry, you will have your self some pretty obedient bobby pins. They won’t be going anywhere!

That is all for today!

Thanks for reading!! Now don’t have too much fun trying these out!

Love, Hannah Lee

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