5 DIY Skincare Hacks

5 DIY Skincare Hacks

5 DIY Skincare Hacks | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Not too long ago I did a post called 5 DIY Hair Hacks, which got an overwhelmingly great response from you guys! Thanks for that! It is also one of my favorite posts. So I decided to share 5 DIY Skincare Hacks today. As I have mentioned probably a million times before, I love skincare. So this was an easy one for me! I hope you guys enjoy these little tips, tricks, and hacks to improving your skin and skincare routine!



5 DIY Skincare Hacks

This is one of my favorite skincare hacks! All you do is mix some sugar into your daily cleanser and bam now you have an exfoliater! I am a little crazy when it comes to sticking with my skincare routine, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But I love that I can still use my same cleanser that I love and turn it into an exfoliter. I personally don’t like to exfoliate very often, so I only use this every 2 weeks. I would suggest 1-2 times a week maximum if you’re looking for regular exfoliation.

P.S. this is my absolute favorite cleansers!! If you have acne prone skin like me, check it out here!!


5 Diy Hair Hacks - Coconut Oil Hair Mask | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

This is the perfect makeup remover if you are looking for something a little more moisturizing. All you will need is coconut oil! All you have to do is warm some coconut oil in your hands then rub into the skin. This even removes waterproof makeup! Once you have rubbed this into all of your makeup you can either use a damp cloth or makeup wipe to remove the oil. Then continue with your normal skincare routine! This works for any skin type! Just remember if you have skin that is sensitive to oil, this may cause a few break outs. My acne prone skin is not effected by this, but it may effect others differently!


This works just as well as any other pore strip and you get way more for your money!! You will need unflavored gelatin, milk (any kind will work), a small bowl, mixing utensil, and microwave.

Mix 1/2 Tbsp of milk with 1/2 Tbsp of unflavored gelatin and microwave for 10 seconds. Spread the mixture onto any area you would like to use the pore strip. Let this dry for about 5-15 minutes (depending on how thick of a layer you apply). Then remove it just how you would with any other pore strip/peel off mask.


5 Diy Hair Hacks - Coconut Oil Hair Mask | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Again, all you need for this one is coconut oil! I have never had crazy amazing lashes, just what I would consider your average lashes. One day I started putting coconut oil on the base of my lashes just to see what would happen. I mean coconut oil basically makes anything it touches 10x better so I thought it was worth a shot. And you know what, it was! I have noticed the overall quality of my lashes is so much better. They appear so much fuller and thicker! Which of course makes them look even better once I have some mascara on them! This also works for brows. So if you’re trying to grow our your sparse brows, try some coconut oil!


5 DIY Skincare Hacks

I’m not even sure where I originally heard this tip, but it is seriously magic. Before you get in the shower put on a thick lip balm. Something like Vaseline works perfectly! Then after you get out, wipe the lip balm off with a towel. This will exfoliate the dead skin off. I always put more lip balm on afterward just because I am a crazy lip balm lady. This will make your lips super soft, I promise!!

I hope you guys try these out and like them as much as I do! There will for sure be more skincare posts coming in the future!!

You can find my current skincare routine here.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Hannah Lee

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