5 Minute Braids

5 Minute Braids

4 Cute & Easy 5 Minute Braid Tutorials | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

You all know I love trying new braided hair do’s. But being a full time student doesn’t always leave me with much time to do cute elaborate hair styles on a daily basis. I know many of you can relate to this too! So today I am sharing 4 hairstyles that can be done in 5 minutes or less! These are my four go to’s when I want something cute in a time crunch. I hope all you busy ladies out there find this helpful!!

For more help check out my tutorial for the braids used here!


Half Up Dutch Braid Tutorial | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Begin with a dutch braid(adding hair) at the crown of your head. After two stitches of the dutch braid, do a regular braid(without adding hair) for 1 stitch. Then continue with a dutch braid (adding hair) until for one more stitch. Once you reach this point you can continue braiding regularly the rest of the way down. Pull apart the braid until you are happy with it and then you are done!

1 stitch = adding hair from both sides once.


Boho Accent Braids Tutorial | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

For this you are going to start by braiding two small sections on both sides of your part. Put these two close to the front, they will be going in the hair that is pulled back. Once those are done, add as many braids as you would like to each side. These should go about 2 inches behind the first braids. Personally, I like to do  2 on one side and 1 on the other! I think this would be even cuter with some messy/beachy waves.


Half Up Dutch Pony Tutorial | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

This is a new favorite of mine! Start with a regular dutch braid and tie off when you reach around the nape or top of your neck. Pull apart the braid and you are done. You can even hide your hair tie for a more put together look! My tutorial for that can be found here.


Fishtail Pony Tutorial | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

For the fishtail pony all you have to do is put you hair in a secure high pony. Then fishtail it! As always I suggest loosening up the braid to give it something special! Again you can hide your hair tie for a more put together look! That tutorial can be found here.

I really hope you all enjoyed this post! Be sure to share your recreations with me on Instagram (@lovehannahlee)

Thanks for reading!!

Love, Hannah Lee

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