Bean Boot’s Cheap Twin

Bean Boot’s Cheap Twin

On the Wednesday before Black Friday my friends and I went into target. Whether I made them do it or not is debatable; I mean shouldn’t everyone love target as much as I do? Anyways, we were strolling around when I spotted these. Now, I’ve had my eye on the L.L.Bean Bean Boots for a little while now so I was beyond excited to find these. They look so similar to the real ones but at a little less than half the price. Of course I had to get them. If you’re the type of person wanting the name brand this might not be for you (nothing wrong with that I love me some name brands too!). But, if you’re looking for a cheap, but still quality alternative to the L.L.Bean Bean Boots, check these out!

As you can see, I have worn them out since getting them. A few times actually! They are definitely waterproof (tested that out in a few puddles and the beach), warm, and even super comfortable. They also have great traction so you won’t slip on all the snow and ice this winter. Even though I’m sure I will still find a way to fall haha! Snow and ice are so slippery its hard to avoid! But, I know these will be great to take on the harsh winter weather. You can find them here for only $49.99. But they are currently on sale for even less, so get them while you can! I’m sure they will sell quick considering how much people love the original bean boots!

Although this post was meant to be all about the boots, it did turn into a little bit of an outfit post too. But, I thought it was cute and wanted to share a few little details of it! I recently got this necklace and I’m nothing less than obsessed with it. I’ve been craving some minimalist rose gold jewelry so this was the perfect little piece to start with. Although it was pretty cheap and probably wont last long, it’s a nice starting point! Also, if you couldn’t tell already, I love flannel shirts. They are just so easy to throw on and still look nice. Definitely one of my favorite pieces this time of year!

And that is all I have for you today! Now I’m off to do all the school work I put off over break, how fun! I hope some of you enjoyed this and found it helpful.

As always, thanks for reading!! Also, a super cute hair post is coming up next so get excited!

Love, Hannah Lee


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