Best in Beauty May 2016

Best in Beauty May 2016

Best in Beauty May 2016 | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Supergoop! CC Daily Correct SPF 40+ | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Best in Beauty May 2016 | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Ubran Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Blush | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Best in Beauty May 2016 | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

amika Touchable Hairspray | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin


Every few months I like to share some of my favorite beauty products, or the “best in beauty”, with you. So today I am doing just that. If you haven’t noticed already, I have a thing for face makeup. I feel like most people like to experiment with eye looks, but not this girl. I live for a good highlight and perfectly smooth foundation. And also brows; I’ve been obsessed with my brows lately. So this is a big mix of all those things! I hope you guys enjoy hearing about what I have been loving!


Best in Beauty May 2016 | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin



1. Amika Un.Done Texture Spray – I received a sample of this in my Birchbox and totally loved it. It holds hair without being too stiff or crunchy feeling. One thing I can’t stand about hairspray is that classic hairspray smell. This one has a light and fresh scent too it, which I love! I actually mentioned it in this hair tutorial here, so you might have seen it!

2. Milk Makeup Gel Brow – Before this brow pencil I was never really in love with any brow products. I had tried almost everything (at least that is what it felt like) and everything was just ok. But, this pencil literally changed my little brows life. I got a tiny sample in my Birchbox a month or two ago and my brows have never been the same. The texture and color are perfect and it is water proof! What I love the most is how it has just the right amount of pigmentation, not too heavy but also not too light.

3. L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer – This is just another great brow pencil that is also cheaper! I thought I would include it for those you looking for something nice from the drugstore.

4. Supergoop! CC Crean Daily Correct – When it comes to face makeup, I’m not a huge fan of the look and feel of foundation, on myself at least. I like for my skin to look even but natural at the same time. And this product does just that! It looks like my skin but better and even provides SPF 40+, which is always great! It is very similar to what I used to use, the It Cosmetics CC Cream, so I would highly recommend either! 

5.Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer – In my last beauty favorites post I talked a about the classic Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer, and while I do still love that, this primer is simply magic. Because of the products targeted towards acne in the skin care routine I tend to get dry areas on my skin; and when I say dry I mean straight up flakes of dry skin. This primer keeps my skin smooth and hydrated giving me a healthy dewy look, which I love. 

6. Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush – For a while now, I’m talking years, I was into peachy blushes. But, then I saw one of my favorite bloggers/youtubers talk about this blush in the shade fetish and I of course had to try it. I would consider this shade to be a pinky nude; very similar to the Tarte blush in exposed. Which is another blush I used to love.

Thanks for reading! You can check out my last best in beauty post here!


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