Braiding Basics

Braiding Basics

Since I do a lot of hair tutorials involving braiding, I thought it would be a good idea to cover the braiding basics for anyone who either has no clue how to braid, or is just a little rusty and wants to try some of my tutorials (or even any others)! I am also very excited to say I have posted my very first YouTube video to correspond with this post!! Sometimes I feel like it is so hard to explain how to do some braids through words and pictures. Hopefully this will make my future hair posts a little easier to understand.

Anyway! Today I am going to be showing how to do a regular, french, dutch, and fishtail braid. These are the braids I find to be used the most frequently in hair tutorials! And also some tips on braiding at the end of this post. Hopefully you enjoy and find this helpful; I would love to hear your feedback on this whole YouTube thing! I think it will be a great way to expand some of my blog posts.

One last thing, I really have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to filming and editing videos haha! So hopefully things will improve from here. I’m excited to learn more!

Basic Braids Tutorial


  1. Hair tends to hold a braid better the more roughed up it is. So I suggest, if your hair has a natural wave/curl to it, braid like that when you can! Or if you’d like to style your hair (straighten/ curl) or even just have naturally silky straight hair, try a dry shampoo or texturizing spray. This will give your hair more grip!
  2. Pull apart your braids to add volume (and cuteness)!! I do this on probably every braid I do. Also, there is a quick demo and before/after in the video above!
  3. When pulling apart your braids, don’t tie off the end until after! But do hold the ends fairly tight for the best results.
  4. Practice!!! Sometimes braiding can get tricky or frustrating. Especially when you’ve just spent 10 minutes on it and it is still not right. But I promise with some practice you’ll be a braiding pro in no time! When I first learned the difference between a french and dutch braid, It took me what felt like forever to not get them confused.

That is all for today! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading/watching (haha)!

Love, Hannah Lee

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