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Summer Nights | Twist back sweater and Levis shorts | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Twist Back Sweater

  I know, I know, who wears a sweater in the Summer? Well I do when the sweater is this cute! When I saw this sweater on ASOS I pretty much had to have it. This mustard yellow color is huge right now and the twist back detail is too cute to pass up. I actually mentioned this exact sweater in my Memorial Day weekend sale roundup, and bought it shortly after. Luckily, this sweater is a light enough knit…

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Floral One Shoulder Top | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Floral One Shoulder Top

  Happy Thursday! Thursday has slowly become my favorite day of the week; as it is the last day of my work week! Nothing beats the  Before we get into the top details I wanted to mention these jeans.…

Little Black Jumpsuit | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Little Black Jumpsuit

  Hi Friday! It is officially the weekend and I couldn’t be more thrilled. This past week has been the epitome of June gloom; nothing but gray rainy days. But we’ve finally reached the light at the end of…

Giving Gingham a Go | Red gingham dress | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Giving Gingham A Go

  When I first saw gingham making its way around the fashion world, I wasn’t all that interested. To me, gingham is typically a very classic and sort of preppy print; which is far from my style. So I…