Clearing my Acne with Clarisonic + Clarisonic Coupon Code

Clearing my Acne with Clarisonic + Clarisonic Coupon Code


Ah skincare, my favorite aspect of the beauty world. If you haven’t heard my skin story before, long story short, I had some pretty terrible skin for a good chunk of my teenage years. Now, nearly 5 years later, my skin could not be more different. Although there are many factors in curing acne, I have found a solid and consistent skincare routine to help immensely. I have recently discovered the final piece for perfecting my skincare routine, that being the Clarisonic. I know the Clarisonic can be a scary thing, given the price and all the untrue statements thrown around. So today I am sharing the truth about the Clarisonic along with my experience and how you can get 15% off of your Clarisonic purchase!


Skincare routine for clear and glowing skin | featuring Clarisonic, Ole Henriksen & Juice Beauty | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin


My Clarisonic Experience:

Like many, I was very skeptical of the Clarisonic before using it. It was expensive and I wasn’t sure if it would work. The first time I used one was at the ripe old age of 15 in hopes of clearing my skin. Back then I barely read the directions and was not using it correctly nor was I ever consistent with it. Did it work? It worked the best it could with my misuse. I was the one to blame here, not the product itself.


I recently got the opportunity to give Clarisonic a second try and was thrilled. This time around I educated myself on the product and how to use it. Not only that, but I was also consistent with it in my routine. Did it work this time? I’m so happy to say, yes. My skin is the smoothest it has been in a long time. The difference between now and then in the amount of user error. It is important to use your Clarisonic consistently. Like any skincare product, you have to allow time for your skin to adjust to the new step in your routine in order to achieve the best results.


Adding the Clarisonic to my skincare routine has not only allowed me to regularly get a thorough cleanse, but also allows my skincare to penetrate deeper into my skin. This basically means my skincare products are working better than ever. And my skin is happier than ever because of it!



Clarisonic Rumors VS. Facts

Unfortunately, I am always hearing false statements being thrown around about the Clarisonic. For a while there, I believed them. But now that I finally have educated myself and know the truth, I want you to know too!


Rumor: “The Clarisonic will only harshly exfoliate and irritate my sensitive skin.”

Fact: The Clarisonic does not exfoliate and works perfectly for all skin types because of the incredibly soft rounded bristles.


Rumor: “The bristles rotate like any other facial brush on the market so it is not worth the price.”

Fact: The Clarisonic is a patented design in which the bristles oscillate, not rotate, creating a unique and effective sonic cleanse you can’t find anywhere else.


Rumor: “The Clarisonic is going spread bacteria and make me break out more.”

Fact: The Clarisonic does not spread bacteria or irritate existing acne. A small portion of people experience som initial breakouts as the skin is being deep cleaned, but consistent use will clear the skin over time. 



Clarisonic Products I Recommend:

Brushes: I have used both the Clarisonic Mia 1 (one speed setting) and the Mia 2 (two speed settings), both amazing products. Personally, I would recommend the Mia 1 to any and everyone. This is the device I am using now that is featured in the above pictures. The Mia two simply has an added speed setting, which I found my self rarely using.


Brush Heads: I have tried the sensitive, radiance, deep pore, and acne brush heads. I am currently using the radiance head, as I have clear my acne and am now focusing on have hydrated and glowing skin. If you are looking to clear your acne I would recommend the Acne brush head or the Sensitive brush head; depending on the sensitivity if your skin. As for the deep pore, I would recommend this if you have very congested skin. Although some are softer than others, none of these were too harsh or irritating to my skin.


Skincare: Although I haven’t tried many of their skincare products, the one I have I would definitely recommend. That product being the Clarisonic Pore and Blemish Gel Cleanser. I found this product to be incredibly effective while also being safe for sensitive skin.



How to get 15% off of your Clarisonic:

I know the price tag associated with the Clarisonic can be the most intimidating part of it. But that brings me to the best part of this post: a 15% off coupon code on elect items! Simply use the code HERCAMPUS on any item on THIS page for 15% off. *This is not an affiliate code and link, meaning I don’t gain anything from you using the coupon. This is simply a nice gesture from the Clarisonic team to you guys! And for those of you still intimidated by the price tag after the 15% off, Clarisonic has begun to offer payment plans, which you can read more about here.


*Thank you to Clarisonic for sending some of the products mentioned in this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are authentic and my own. More information can be found here.

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