Cozy & Bright

Cozy & Bright

As I mentioned in one of my previous fashion post, I have been loving bright colors for the winter! Especially mixing bright colors. This outfit was basically built around my new hat. Which I seriously can’t get enough of. I would wear it everyday if I could. I mean I basically have anyway haha. I found this at American Eagle about a week ago, but of course it is no longer available online. If you’re looking for a cute beanie I would go check out your local store. They had so many cute and different options!

Also this jacket!! I picked it up on Black Friday after eyeing it for about a month. Now that the temperatures have really dropped and I have been able to really test this number out, I have to say I really love it. It is super warm and cozy while also being rather fashionable! I got it from H&M. They don’t have this exact color available anymore. But they do have so many similar (and also different) options available ¬†and they are all on a major sale right now! So go grab one while you still can.

You can find a full post about my boots ( & how affordable and awesome they are ) here!

This day was absolutely freezing. We took these pictures in about 15 minutes maximum. 15 minutes and we were already frozen! Although it has been super cold, still no snow. I’m not going to lie, snow can suck. Especially when there is feet apon feet of it. Which was basically last winter for me. But now that we have only had a dusting and it’s already mid-January, I do have to say I miss it. There’s just something about a fresh coating a snow. Everything is so white and bright. So hopefully we will get some snow soon.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Classes start back up for me on Wednesday. So my little vacation is coming to an end and life will be returning to its usual schedule again. Which is oh so bittersweet.

Thank you for your continued support. I appreciate every single one of you!

Love, Hannah Lee

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