Currently Loving: Statement Jeans

Currently Loving: Statement Jeans

I’ve recently become obsessed with jeans. And not just your basic jeans, but jeans with a flare. The funny thing is, I went years rotating the same four pairs. They did the job and I did’t see anything wrong with them. Until recently, when I fell in love with jeans. And yes, I love them more than leggings. The thing I love most is how easily they can be dressed up or down. They are the happy medium between dress pants and sweat pants. When it comes to my personal style I’m all about wearability. So all of the pieces featured below are totally wearable for everyday!


Here are my top 5 favorites:

1. I think this fringe trend will be so fun with a pair of sandals once the weather warms up! This is the pair featured above, but this is a super similar pair for much cheaper.

2. Patchwork denim is my absolute right now. This is the pair that has been all over my Instagram and blog lately. This pair is similar but with a more relaxed fit. This seriously look so comfortable.

3. If the extreme fringe trend isn’t for you, jeans like these, with a raw hemline, are super cute and wearable. If you’re looking for something in between extreme and , this pair is just perfect. Which I actually featured here if you’d like a better look!

4. You all know I’m slightly obsessed with anything embroidered. I spotted this embroidered pair a few days ago and have officially added them to my wishlist. I’ve been loving the color red lately, so these red flowers are just perfect. P.S. it also comes in skirt form which is equally as perfect. I can’t decide which piece I want more!


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