Cute & Easy “Bad Hair Day” Hair

Cute & Easy “Bad Hair Day” Hair

On days when my hair just absolutely hates me I usually go for one of these adorable looks. I have been really into braids lately. I feel like they just make any hair style a little cuter.

Both of these looks feature a Dutch braid. For those of you that don’t know, a Dutch braid is basically an inverted French braid! Which makes it have more volume (& cuteness haha).

For these hair styles you will need:

Hair pins

A small hair tie

A regular hair tie

A cute head band (optional)

The Loosy Goosy Dutch Braid

It was hard showing how to Dutch braid on my own hair so I used my friends! In a Dutch braid all you do is put the outside pieces UNDER the middle strand instead of over like you normally would. To make it a French style Dutch braid all you have to do is begin to add more hair into each new section you are placing under the middle piece. I hope that makes a little sense?

Then before you tie off the braid, pull each part a little to loosen it up. Thats why I call this the loosy goosy look.

Then you’ll have a super adorable braid! This might seem a little bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to do it super fast.

I like to add this cute little lace headband to mine. I would tell you where  I got it, but I honestly have no clue. I’m sure you can find similar ones at forever 21 or some place similar.

When Braid Meets Bun

This is another super cute & also easy hairstyle I love!

For this you will start with a French styled Dutch braid starting at your part. Except this time we are only going to add in hair to the side of the braid closest to your face!

Once you reach a few inches below your ear, continue with a regular Dutch braid all the way down the hair.

Once you have your braid done, again before tying it off, pull on the pieces to loosen the braid up & give it some volume!

Then you will pull all of the hair (including the braid) into a pony tail. But, on the second time around with the elastic only pull the hair half way through. Creating a little bun type thing haha.

First pin the little bun thing to your head, and then the remaining hair!

Annnd now you have an adorable little messy bun!

I hope you guys enjoyed this. I have been really into learning new cute hair styles. So that means there will be more where this came from!

As always, Thanks for reading!

Love, Hannah Lee

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