December Wishlist

December Wishlist

 Hat: Target | Belt: H&M| Jeans: ASOS | Leather Jacket: ASOS

OTK Boots: ASOS | Sneakers: Steve Madden | Purse: ASOS


A lot of my favorite bloggers do wishlist posts fairly regularly so this month I decided to join in on the fun! Wishlists posts always give me a little extra fashion inspo, which I sometimes really need. These are just some cute pieces that I have been eyeing recently. It is even a little bit of a sneak peak at some of my future posts considering I’ve already order a few of these pieces! The OTK boots to be exact. I actually received them in the mail just a few days ago. You can check out my Twitter to see what they look like! There’s one other piece I recently order, but I’ll leave that one as a surprise. 


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