Dutch Accent Braid

Dutch Accent Braid

Okay, so I realized I have featured this cute braid in my past two posts and thought it was time for a quick tutorial. This is honestly super easy and great for hiding dirty hair! If you want to see more pictures of this braid in action, check out this post and this one! Enjoy!

Step 1: Section off

Section off a small portion of hair on one side of your part. I suggest using the side with more hair. But, the other would work perfectly fine too!

Then separate the large section into 3 smaller sections.

Step 2: Braid

Now you are going to start dutch braiding. A dutch braid is basically an inverted french braid. So that means you do the opposite of a french braid! Instead of putting the outer sections over the middle, you will put them underneath the middle.

You’ll start of by taking one outer piece and putting it under the middle piece. Making the two pieces basically switch places! Then you will repeat with the other outer piece.

Once you have completed the first two, you can start adding more hair to each section. For this you will go back to the side you started on, add in some hair to the section and then put it under neither the middle section (switch the two), just like in the last step. Some people find dutch/french braiding to be hard because of this, but if you take your time in the beginning, you will be a pro in no time. Then just continue this step until you reach your ear.

Once the braid reaches your ear, stop adding in more pieces and just continue the braid regularly!

I talk more about how to dutch braid in this post here if you want a more in depth look (with pictures!)


Step 3: Pull apart (my favorite!!)

Now, before you tie off the end of your braid, pull it apart/loosen it up! This will add more volume to the braid, which I think looks so much cuter. I like to go crazy with this and make my braid huge, but you can pull apart until you’re happy with the size of your braid! Then once you are satisfied with your braid, tie it off and you are done!

If you look at the picture above and below you can see the difference it makes!

I think this is super easy and cute for when you want to spice up your hair a little! I’ve noticed  I have been describing everything as cute lately, I’m going to have to think of some new description words! haha

Anyways, hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to subscribe and thank you for reading!

Love, Hannah Lee


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