Eyebrows: Shape, Fill, Maintain

Eyebrows: Shape, Fill, Maintain

Eyebrows: Shape, Fill, and Maintain | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Eyebrows have been a big thing for a while now. I was a little late to the brow party, but now that I’m here I’m loving it. Recently I have really been into shaping my brows just how I want them. I like to keep my brows natural looking but well-kept at the same time! So today I am sharing just that; how to shape, fill, and maintain your brows!

**Before we start anything, please remember to be very careful when shaping your brows. Take it slow. Make small changes, then step back and look at the big picture. You definitely don’t want to over pluck/trim. You could completely mess up your brows, and not just temporarily.


Start off with clean brows. No makeup yet, we’ll get to that soon!

Now, this little trick I actually learned from the Lauren Conrad Beauty book years ago. It basically shows you where the main points (base, arch, and tail) should hit in relation to your facial features.

Although your eyebrows don’t have to perfectly meet these certain areas, I do find it helpful and a little fun to do!

Eyebrows: Shape, Fill, and Maintain | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

  1. Take a pencil and hold it vertically against your nose. This is roughly where the front of your eyebrow should hit. Anything outside of that can be plucked without fear!

2. While keeping the pencil at the base of your nose, tilt the pencil directly across the center of your eye. This is around where the highest point in your arch should be.

3. Then tilt the pencil even further to the outer edge of your eye, and this is where your brow should end.

I recommend marking these points with a brow pencil as you go, that way you can keep them in mind while you’re plucking.


I like to keep my brows fairly similar to their natural shape. Just with cleaned up edges of course.

Start by plucking any stray hairs beyond the front and end of your brows. Then pluck any other hairs that are very clearly outside of the edges of your brow. Simply follow the natural shape of your brows until the edges are cleaned up.

Remember, don’t go too crazy with plucking. You want your brows to look full and natural. Super over plucked brows are a thing of the past, so lets leave them there!

My biggest tip here is to pluck 1-2 hairs at a time then look at your brows from a distance. Sometimes things can take a turn for the worst when you’re only looking in a magnified mirror.

*Extra tip: If your brows are extra long you can trim down any over grown hairs with a small pair of cuticle scissors. Again, cut a little at a time and take a look at the big picture! You don’t want to over trim; trust me I’ve been there.


Filling in my brows is probably my favorite part of my makeup routine. Nothing is more satisfying than beautifully filled in brows. 

My current favorite brow product is the Milk Makeup Gel Brow pencil. I’ve mentioned it before in this post here, and I’m definitely still loving it. It is the most natural looking brow product I have ever used, yet it stays in place and doesn’t budge until you take it off. Perfect combination! 

Eyebrows: Shape, Fill, and Maintain | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

^ For anyone curious, the red mark under my eye is a birthmark!

Start by taking a spoolie brush, or clean mascara wand, and brushing your brow up and outwards, the way they naturally grow.

Then simply fill in sparse areas with light and short strokes. This will mimic the look of natural brow hairs. Finally, blend things out with a spoolie brush and top off with a clear or tinted brow gel. My current favorites are linked at the bottom of this post.

If you’re not into filling in your brows, a little tinted brow gel can really give your brows a boost. Plus, it is super quick and almost impossible to mess up.

My biggest tips here are to 1. keep things light, 2. avoid harsh lines, and 3. always blend out your product with a spoolie brush. These tips will keep your brows looking full and natural.


Sadly, you will have to maintain these bad boys. But the good news is, this is the easiest part! I like to keep my tweezers with my makeup; That way if I notice a stray hair I can pluck it right away.

If you’re not into daily maintenance, I suggest sitting down about once a week and plucking any stray hairs that have grown in. 


What are your favorite brow products? I love finding  new ones to try out.


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