Dreaming of the Perfect Denim | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin


How old are you?

I am 20 years old


Are you in school?

Yes, I am currently a Junior in college studying business.


How tall are you? What size do you wear? (for sizing purposes)

I’m 5’8″, so pretty tall but not the tallest. In clothing I generally bounce between the sizes 4 and 6 or a small and medium. This all depends on the specific style and fit of a piece or if I’m looking for a certain fit. For example, if I want something to be oversized, I’ll go up one, two, or even three sizes. When I do this, I always let you guys know! Basically, those are the sizes I generally go for, but It can vary majorly.


What does “LHL STAMP OF APPROVAL” mean?

If you see a recommended item with this on it, it simply means it is something I personally own, love and would 100% recommend for you to try.


What makeup do you wear?/ What skincare products do you use?

You can check out my latest everyday makeup routine here and skincare routine here!


What camera/lens do you use?

For my blog photos I am currently working with a Canon T5i with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. As  for my other social platforms, I use a mix of shots from my camera mentioned above and my iPhone.


Who takes your photos?

My Mom takes the majority, if not all, of my blog photos. As for any other photos (ootd’s, shots I’m not in, etc), I honestly just ask whoever I’m with that day to snap an outfit picture for me. And when it comes to product shots, or any other photos I’m not in, I take those myself.


What do you use to edit your photos?

I use Lightroom for all of the pictures taken on my camera. Lightroom is a photo editing software by Adobe, you can find more info here. For the pictures taken on my phone I use the app VSCO, more specifically the filter A6.


Do you do sponsored posts?

Occasionally, yes. When I do, it is always very clearly stated. I value the relationship I have with my readers tremendously and would never put that relationship at risk for a sponsored post. You can read more about LHL’s policies here.