How To Find Your Personal Style

How To Find Your Personal Style


At this point, my blog is essentially a public documentation of my personal style journey. When I initially started my blog I had a definite interest in style, but could never really pin point what exactly mine was. I was always trying out new looks that I saw others wearing, but none of them ever felt quite right. Were they cute? Of course! It’s not that I didn’t genuinely like the looks I was trying, it was more so that I was dressing the way everyone else was because that is what I was surrounded by.


If you look back as my old posts, this one for example, it’s obvious how my style has grown and changed. While there is nothing wrong with the look, nor do I dislike it, I was more so wearing it because it was what I saw around me. Growing up in a small town you see a lot of repetition. Everyone wears the same things, likes the same thing, and shops at the same places. But once I started to embrace and grow into my own unique style I found myself happier than ever. 


How To Find Your Personal Style | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin


Find your Inspiration

Start simple! Go through the Instagram pages you are following and use the save feature to collect some of your favorite outfits and pieces. Pinterest is also a great tool for this! I even have a pin board dedicated to my style inspiration, you can check it out here. It’s important to figure out what you like, regardless of If it is popular or not. If you don’t know where to start with this step, simply search some terms that correlate with your personality. Things like: preppy, classic, sporty, edgy, simplistic, feminine, boho and many more. You style should reflect all aspects of you, not just how you want to look.


Choose a color palette

This is relatively simple. Think about the colors you like, look best in, and are most likely to wear. This can also be done by looking through the inspiration you collected in step one. Do you want more warm tones, cool tones, or neutrals? 


How To Find Your Personal Style | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

How To Find Your Personal Style | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin


Start Fresh

Once you’ve sorted out your inspiration and color palette, get rid of anything that doesn’t quite fit. I’m guilty of holding onto pieces I haven’t reached for in ages. But I’m also the first to admit that getting rid of these pieces can feel so good. Not only does it free up closet space, it will also help you establish your style.


Add the basics

Just like with any process, start simple. Don’t start by purchasing statement or investment pieces. While these are a nice add-on to any wardrobe, they aren’t necessary and will only make establishing your new style more challenging. Start by adding the simple things every wardrobe needs: denim, t-shirts, blouses, and of course a staple pair of shoes. Allow these pieces to mold your style while maintaining a basic wearable status. Once you’ve collected a solid amount of basics, start mixing in more once-in-a-while-wears. These are pieces you know you won’t reach for every week or so, but more so a few times a season. For example, a fun fur coat for winter or a nicer dress summer.


How To Find Your Personal Style | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin


Be realistic

In all of this it is important to be realistic. As much as you may like one style, if it’s something you will wear once  and never reach for again, it’s probably not the right fit for you. Your style should be something you feel comfortable wearing day in and day out, regardless of your surroundings. 


Have fun

While it is important to be realistic about what you will and will not wear, it is equally as important to have fun with the process. Be willing to try new things; and if they don’t work out, be honest with yourself and try again! 


How To Find Your Personal Style | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

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  1. August 21, 2017 / 9:29 am

    I’m still at the point that I don’t think I have a “personal style” yet… one day I can wear ripped jeans and a tshirt and the next I’m wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress. I’m always mixing it up!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  2. September 13, 2017 / 4:14 pm

    Your photography is amazing! You look stunning! Love the outfit.
    She Blushes

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