Four Ways to Wear a White Button Down

Four Ways to Wear a White Button Down


With my recent visits to College Fashion Week and Primark Student Night (read about that here and here), I was left feeling inspired to explore my style more. When I started to really think about this, I realized how quickly we tend to over-look classic pieces when in search for something new. But in reality, these pieces are so classic because of how easily they can be transitioned into something new. Because of this realization, I decided to take a look into my closet and see what I could with the pieces I would generally consider simple/plain. This long-line white button down is from Primark, which I recently featured in this haul. I always thought of the white button down as an incredibly versatile piece, meaning it could be worked into many different looks. But rarely did I think to take the piece alone and wear it differently. And once I did, I loved it. So here are the four looks I came up with.


Which style is your favorite?


four ways to wear a white button down | Primark & Her Campus | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

Tie Front


What it is: This style was the first to come to mind, as I do this all the time. The tie front detail adds a slight crop to the top and also some visual interest.


How to get the look: For this look all you have to do is button your top half way, and tie the two open sides on the bottom into a knot. Once I tie the knot, I like to pull the two pieces down to flatten the knot slightly. Though this does work with any button down, I feel it works best with one with slits on the side; as it is easier to tie.


Off The Shoulder


What it is: This style was new to me and I love the way It turned out! It gives the white button down a completely different look; to the point where it almost doesn’t look like it started out as a simple button down. I think this will look great with shorts for summer nights out.


How to get the look: This one is simple. Start by putting on your white button down as usual, but this time button is oddly low. For me this is usually a few inches below my bra. This should leave you with enough room to pull the top off and over your shoulder. Keep in mind, you can adjust the amount of room you have here by adjusting the amount you are buttoning. More buttons buttoned = less room; Less buttons buttoned = more room.


Asymmetrical One Shoulder


What it is: This style was inspired by this shirt. Going into this, I had no idea how simple it would be to re-create, but I’m so glad it is.


How to get the look: All you have to do is button your top off by two buttons. To explain this a little more, put the button through the button-hole that is two down from the button-hole is it lines up to. Continue this all the way done. Then you will be left with the room to slip one of your shoulder out. Keep in mind, if you need more or less room you can always adjust the amount of button holes you are off by.




What is it: This style is inspired by an Instagram post I did back in May. It is so simple, but also so different and fun! Wearing a shirt, or any piece of clothing, backwards is one of those things we rarely think of. Probably because majority of the time is just does not work, but in this case it definitely does.


How to get the look: Simply put your shirt on backwards and secure it by tying a knot at the base of your back!


four ways to wear a white button down | Primark & Her Campus | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin




*This is a sponsored post in partnership with Primark and Her Campus Media. As always, all words and opinions are my own. More details can be found here.

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