Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

I’m currently sitting in bed watching Christmas movies and typing this lovely post. Now, does it get much better than that?

So today I am going to be sharing some Christmas gift ideas for the ladies in your life! And there’s something for every budget which makes it even better!! I thought about doing some gift ideas for guys too, but I honestly could think of like three things max… my poor boyfriend  haha. Although Christmas is not about the gifts, I really do love giving people gifts! It just makes me happy. I’m sure some of you guys feel the same!

I know not every girl is going to like these gift ideas. These are just things I personally like and think you guys, my readers, would enjoy too! You could even use this to get ideas for what you want! Enjoy.


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  1. UGG ALENA SLIPPER – Okay, so these may be a little pricey. But, they are on the top of my wish list so I really wanted to share them! On early winter mornings a pair of moccasin slippers like these are my go to. Especially when I’m heading off to class.
  2. WISHBONE NECKLACE – I just think minimalist jewelry like this is so easy to wear, which makes it easy to gift too! These necklaces come in all different styles, not just the wishbone. The best part is, they all have a small meaning behind them. The meaning behind the wishbone is to wish without limits; “Make a wish and put it on your necklace. Don’t be afraid to be bold! Wear this necklace as a reminder to wish without limits… make it count!” You can check out their website to explore the many other necklaces and their meanings!
  3. COACH MINI SKINNY ID CASE – I love these types of things! I have one on the key chain right now and its great for the times when you don’t want to lug around a huge purse. So basically the girl on the go. On a normal day I’m either going to classes, work, and usually target (we can all admit it’s a great place) and having to only carry my keys and phone makes like so much easier. This little guy comes with a zipper pocket for any money or loose items. And also a clear id slot and a couple other of card slots.
  4. ANTHROPOLOGIE MONOGRAM MUG – This is just too stinking cute. Who wouldn’t want it? I used to use mine like a normal person and drink from it. But, over the summer I found that it’s incredibly cute as a pen/pencil holder! You could also put a gift card or a few other little goodies in this to build the gift!
  5. BAN.DO MOBILE CHARGER – This is pretty self-explanatory. Phones always die at the worst times and having one of these could save the day! And the cute designs add a little fun.
  6. URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE – If you’re shopping for someone who loves makeup, this is a classic. There is what feels like an endless amount of Naked Palettes. I have the original and Naked Basics; both amazing. So choose what one you think the lucky gift receiver would like the best and get wrapping! You can never go wrong with a Naked Palette.
  7. TARGET FUZZY BLANKET – I have one of these and its one of the best things I own. Of course I got mine in a king size even though I do not have a king bed. But it worked out for the best because now I have a huge blanket to wrap  myself in. I’m pretty sure any human would like this as a gift!
  8. UGG BATHROBE – My Mom and I were lucky enough to receive this bathrobe as a gift last winter. This is definitely a gift more on the pricey side. But, if you’re shopping for a human icicle, like myself, this is soo worth it. It is for sure one of the nicest and softest bathrobes I’ve ever owned. My mom is in hers more often than not. I’m pretty sure she would wear this all day everyday if that was acceptable in society.
  9. POLAROID CAMERA – For anyone that loves to take pictures, this is such a fun little gift. Actually having printed out pictures is such a rarity today. Which I think is what makes this so fun! Plus, it comes in cute colors. Remember, you would have to purchase the film to go along with this!!
  10. BAN.DO TRAVEL MUG – Now, I’m not much of a coffee drinker. I actually don’t drink it at all. But I still think these adorable travel mugs are a great gift. Especially for any on the go girl who loves her coffee. Which is most people I know.
  11. BAN.DO NOTEBOOK – Another item from I think that totals three now? They seriously have some of the cutest products. I have the agenda version of this notebook and I’m a little bit obsessed with the print. I feel like everyone could use a notebook at some point! And using a cute one makes thing a little more fun.
  12. TARGET BEANIE – I’m really feeling this emerald-green color right now. Plus big slouchy beanies like this make everyone and their head happy. As I waited in the checkout line at target the other day, I spotted this cutie and almost ditched the line to go check it out. Sadly I was in a little bit of a time crunch so I didn’t. But I still think it’s the perfect winter accessory. It also comes in many different colors.
  13. SOAP & GLORY – I highly suggest any of their products honestly. They have some of the cutest packaging and the product itself is amazing too! My two favorite products (shown in the picture) are the Clean On Me  shower gel and the Hand Food hand lotion. The truth is everyone needs soap at some point in the day, so why not make it more enjoyable with this awesome products! Plus the scent is something I feel most people would like!
  14. ESSIE HOLIDAY COLLECTION – If you really want to make a girl happy this holiday season, a girl who likes to paint her nails at least, get her some of these. Essie comes out with a holiday collection of nail polishes every year, and I have to say they rarely go wrong. I have two of the shades from this years collection and I may or may not be in love?

I hope you got something from this post!

Happy shopping to you.

Love, Hannah Lee

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