How To: French Pull Through Braid!

How To: French Pull Through Braid!

Recently I have seen braids all over the place on social media. So of course I had to try some and have found my new favorite!

I actually had the hardest time learning how to do this. Even with YouTube videos I just couldn’t figure out how it worked. Which just gave me another reason to make a tutorial of my own!

Hopefully you find this helpful and it can clarify any questions you have.

Here we go!

What you will need:

– A hair brush

– A good amount of small hair ties

For the hair ties, I highly suggest using these little plastic ones. If you get them in the same color as your hair they are much less visible which makes the braid look a lot better.

I’ve only ever tried this on my hair when it is straight. I haven’t tried it on my curly hair yet so I’m not sure how well it would work. But, I’m sure it would still be super cute!

1. Brush out your hair!

If you don’t brush your hair out first it might turn into a knotted mess with all the little hair ties. (You will be using a lot)

2. Next, you are going to section off the very top section of your hair and secure it with a hair tie.

3. Once you have tied off the top section you are going to add a second elastic to the ponytail about and inch or so away from the first one.

4. Once you have the top section tied off with two hair elastics, like above, you are going to flip it forward and section off the next section of hair. Don’t tie this one off just yet! we’re going to be using it in the next step.

** You don’t have to flip the top piece over. It can just make this step a little easier when you are first learning this braid! **

5. Keep a hold of the section we just created, and flip the top piece back to the way it was in step 2. (that is if you decided to flip it forward in the last step. If not just leave the top section the way it is.)

Then we are going to create a hole between the two hair elastics we put on the top section and pull the new bottom section through it! (This is where the name pull through comes from!)

Once the hair is through the opening secure it with an elastic!

Remember to keep the hair elastics relatively close to each other. An inch or so apart should be perfect!

 6. Once you get that technique mastered the rest is easy peasy!

From here on all you do is repeat this step!

Keep adding sections until you run out of hair to add.


7. Once you run out of new sections to add you’ll begin to do a regular pull through braid.

You should have two sections like shown above!

For a regular pull through braid all you have to do is add  a hair tie to the section on the top and pull the bottom one through. Then repeat with your new top section.

Continue this step until you reach the bottom of your braid. Then secure with an elastic!

8. Now this step is optional, but I think I makes the braid so much better!

I like to pull apart my braids a little to make them look a little more voluminous. But that’s just a personal opinion, you can do whatever you’d like to your braids!

On the left is the braid right after finishing and the right is after pulling it apart a little!

Now here is the final product!

I hope you guys enjoyed this and that it was easy to follow!

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, if anyone needs a little extra clarifying I can post a quick video of  me doing the braid! just let me know and I’d love to make one for you guys.

Thanks for reading!!

Love, Hannah Lee

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