How To Over Come Acne: My Story & Skincare Routine

How To Over Come Acne: My Story & Skincare Routine

This is something I have wanted to talk about here for a while now. My skin has for sure been a journey for me the past four or so years. It is something I have struggled with both physically and mentally. Sadly, I don’t have a secret cure to acne to share with you, trust me I wish I did. What I do have to share is my story and what has helped me.


Just like most teenagers I started getting some slight acne when puberty hit. This was nothing major; from what I remember it did not bother me at all. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that things went crazy. I would go through phases where my skin would be close to perfect for a few months, then absolutely crazy for a few months. Since then I have learned that the weather plays a big role in my skins condition. Heat and humidity = sweaty and oily = acne. When things first started to get really bad my skin just made me feel plain old ugly. Going out places and talking to people wasn’t always easy; I was embarrassed. I would feel like people were only looking at my skin and judging me for it. I know this is hard to understand for people who have never been through this, but when you have, these are all things your mind is overwhelmed with. It was and still is one of my biggest insecurities. Though I do still break out, I do for sure have better control over my skin. As time has gone on I have learned that I am more than my skin and you are too! Sometimes we forget just how normal acne is. And I’m sure everyone else with acne feels or has felt the same way you do. Our skin is just skin; it does not define who you are.

I wanted to share these two videos which really hit home for me. If you struggle with acne now or have struggled in the past, I’m sure you will appreciate these videos too. They helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin and reminded me that I wasn’t alone. I still go back and watch them if I’m ever having a bad skin day.

Start this one at 10:30



I do have another skincare routine posted (which you can find here), but things have changed quite a lot since then! I think I’m only using one of the same products actually. Plus, right now my skin is doing great (lets pray I don’t jinx myself) so I thought this would be a great time to share!

REMOVE- I’m still using the good old Simple Cleansing Wipes. I’m sure there is something better out there for removing makeup, but these guys get the job done pretty well and you can get them easily at the drugstore.

CLEANSE- This is a newer discovery of mine. The Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser is fairly gentle compared to any other acne cleanser I have tried. But at the same time it works wonders!

TONE- Some people think toner is a non-vital step, but I started using it a few years ago and just haven’t ever gone back to a toner free life. I use the Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner. Again, very gentle but gets the job done without over drying your skin.

TREAT- I have two products for this one. The first is the Kate Somerville Anti Bac Clearing Lotion, which I use every night. Although it has the word lotion in the name, it is for sure an acne treatment. I also use the Mario Badescu Glycolic Gel. Which is an exfoliant so I only use this about once a week.

MOISTURIZE- For this I use the Juice Beauty Oil Free Mousturizer. I have been really loving Juice Beauty for skincare lately. I have a little bit of a wishlist of things to try next!

For some general skincare tips check out this post here where I share 3 things everyone should know about skincare! And I mean everyone!!

I hope you enjoyed this and some of you could relate! If you’re struggling with your skin remember you are not alone and you are beautiful! I mean it.

Thanks for reading!!

Love, Hannah Lee

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