Let’s Chat: Self Love

Let’s Chat: Self Love


Welcome to my first installment of a new series entitled “Let’s Chat”. Whenever I’m chatting with my friends (or family, or honestly anyone that will listen.) , I always find myself with so many thoughts and opinions I feel pretty strongly about. Recently, while chatting with one of my friends, she told me “You should do a blog post on this!” So here I am doing just that. Consider this quite literally what it is, time for us to chat! I’ll share what I’m thinking and would love to hear your opinions/experiences with the topic. I’m hoping to do a couple of these posts a month, and already have a few topics in mind. If you have any idea or specific topics you’d like me to talk about, I’m all ears!


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So today’s topic is self love. Something I’ve always felt very strongly about, but has been brought up in conversations more and more lately; enough to finally convince me to start this. Recently one of my friends (Hi, you’re probably reading this) went through a pretty serious breakup. It had me thinking a lot about what that would feel like to be in her position. What if that was me? Would I be able to handle that? Of course I was there for her, but a lot of her healing had to come from within. Something that of course requires self love.


To me, self love is accepting and appreciating yourself for everything you are. My journey to self love isn’t a dramatic 0 to 100 story. And there is not a 3 step program to love yourself, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Now just like every person out there, of course I have my insecurities. Regardless of weather or not people will it admit to it, they are still there. Even the people who love themselves to pieces have traits that they aren’t exactly thrilled about, but truly loving yourself means not letting those things hold you back; being your best self regardless. Although women are typically pegged as the ones with body image issues and not truly loving themselves, men definitely experience these feelings too.


Let's Chat: Self Love | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin


 The first time I can remember thinking anything of my physical appearance was in my early teens. I was by no means an overweight child, but definitely had a few more pounds than the majority of my friends; I was the one who slimed down after puberty. I vividly remember wanting to wear a two piece bikini, but wasn’t comfortable doing it because of what I, at the time, considered “love handles” (they were so not). Thinking about this now doesn’t make me sad for thinking these things, but more so sad that the world around me made me feel the need to think these things. The same thing goes for when I was struggling with acne (more about that here). But why did I let it bother me so much when in reality it is one of the most common skin issues. A huge factor in negative self talk is comparison. Comparison to friends, family, your favorite actor/actress or even that one girl who gets what seems like endless like on Instagram (we all know them). If you think about it, you probably never thought bad things about yourself until someone else (directly or indirectly) made you feel like you had to. 



If you really think about it, we are pretty incredible. Just take a moment to think about all that your body and mind has allowed you to do. Even the smallest of things! Simply the fact that you woke up this morning and are educated enough to navigate to my site, read, comprehend, and react to this post. Two things not everyone has the privilege to experience. Health is one of those things we often times take for granted, but also the thing we should be most grateful for. And I know I’m making it seem like I’m Ms. Positivity all the time, but I’m definitely not. Just like everyone else, I have my moments where I just wish the day would end.


In any journey to self love I think it is so important to find your thing. What are you passionate about? For me, it is creating; hence why I have my blog. Finding my thing and putting my all into has always been the best thing for me. I know it can be hard, more so nerve-racking, to throw yourself into your passions. But once you do, it will all fall into place. For me, it began with dance. Although I had my insecurities, I would always put my all into dance, because it was what I loved. It was a way to keep my mind and body busy. Also allowing me to see what I am cable of. Loving dance so much allowed me to love myself equally. And now it is my blog. Having an outlet has created the confidence and love I have for myself now. 


So, now I ask you, what are your thoughts on self love? 


Let's Chat: Self Love | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

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