Right Now

Right Now

I don’t have anything super cool or fancy planned for today. I’m just here to share some pictures and thoughts from my life right now! Hence the title.

Prepare for a ramble session.

First of all, If you guys haven’t noticed already, I am challenging myself to posting three blog posts a week through out the month of December. I originally was not going to even mention this to you guys; just do it without saying much. But I clearly changed my mind because here I am telling you guys haha. I’m hoping I can keep this up past December. No promises with that though, who knows how this will go. I do have some pretty cool holiday themed posts and videos that will be coming your way! Hopefully they all work out smoothly. Sometimes posts don’t come out as planned and they never make it to the published status. It’s actually pretty upsetting when things like this happen! My fellow bloggers and content creators will understand. That’s probably the only (tiny) down side to blogging and creating content.

Also, I am almost done with my first semester of college!! I’m actually sitting at school typing this right now. It’s really crazy how quickly it flew by. I’m not one to brag, but I’m super proud of myself after this first semester. At some points in High school I was not the best student; I just didn’t have the work ethic needed to succeed. But right now I am doing better than I ever have before, and it feels great!! If you want to read more about my high school experience you can check out this post here! This post still gets so many views, so you guys must like it! I’m thinking about doing a post about my experience with dance, so maybe you’ll see that around!

One last thing I wanted to mention was these cute sneakers! I had seem something pretty similar on Instagram and was obsessed. This happened at the end of the summer and I totally forgot about them after that. Then on Black Friday, when I wasn’t even looking for them, I saw these beauties in H&M! I think they are so cute and soooo easy to style. You can find them here if you’re interested! They are actually sold out online, but they had a bunch in the store, so check in your local store!

That’s all I have for now.

Thank you for reading!!

Love, Hannah Lee


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