Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Who doesn’t love sweater weather! Long story short, this is my new favorite sweater. Long story long: I’m currently obsessed with looking at cute things on Pinterest. The other day I saw this super cute over sized gray sweater on there and of course went home to see if I had anything similar… and I was happy to see that I did! I was dying for a comfy and cute huge sweater like this. My Nana actually knit this for my mom years ago and it has stretched out over time to the jumbo size it is now. I never really thought to wear it, but I totally love it now! Who doesn’t love Pinterest inspiration is the real question here?

Surprisingly, it’s not that cold here yet (hence the flip flops), which I have been loving! Although I’m sure now that I’m saying this things will freeze over.

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I hope you enjoyed my sweater story haha! Thank you for reading!!

Love, Hannah Lee

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