Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Valentines Day Breakfast | Love, Hannah Lee by Hannah Martin

If you are looking for a sweet and simple way to celebrate Valentine’s day you’ve come to the right place! Since Valentine’s day is on a Sunday this year, I thought breakfast was a great idea. Sundays for me are usually a very lazy and relaxed day. And nothings better than a home cooked breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. Whether you are celebrating with a special someone, friends, or family, I think this is an adorable way to show how much you love them. Enjoy these pictures, I really love how they came out! The how to’s, recipes, and other little tid-bits will be at the end!


For the pancakes the first thing you have to do is grab your favorite pancake mix, or make some from scratch if you are feeling fancy. I’m pretty basic and love Bisquick! When I came up with the idea of heart-shaped pancakes I of course started browsing Pinterest for some sort of “How to”. All of the ones I found were just regular circular pancakes with a heart cut out of it. I was not digging that. So, with a little trial and error, I figured out this way! You simply take a metal (not plastics, that will melt) heart-shaped cookie cutter and place it on your pan or skillet.Then fill it with your pancake batter. Remove the cookie cutter before you flip (obviously), but make sure to give the pancake enough time to take on the heart shape. They aren’t perfect, but I think the imperfections and differences make them even more adorable!! Once done, I toped mine with bananas and raspberries, yum! I’m weird and don’t like syrup, but go ahead and add some if that’s your thing! And finally, go enjoy you lovecakes. See what I did there?


This is a super simple smoothie that is also super yummy! One of my favorites actually. All you have to do it blend together the following: 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup frozen pineapple, 1 banana, 1 1/2 cup almond milk (any type of milk will work) & 1 tbsp honey. This will make two servings. Once blended, pour into some glasses and enjoy! I toped mine with some sprinkles and a whipped cream heart to be a little more festive!


As for everything else in the pictures (aka the cute stuff), I found most of it at Target. The dollar section to be exact!! They have a bunch of sweet valentine themed things there, including these milk bottles and a variety of patterned paper straws, so be sure to check it out! If anyone is wondering, the plates, glasses, and measuring cups are all from Pier 1 Imports. As for the confetti, I actually made it myself with some colored paper and a hole punch! It definitely added a little something something to this set up. Just be careful not to get it in your food! You can actually see a few pieces on the pancakes in some of my pictures haha! Lets hope I didn’t actually eat any.

I hope you all have a lovely  Valentine’s day weekend! I have a sweet and feminine Valentine’s day inspired hair tutorial coming out later this week! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay updated on new posts!

As always, thanks for reading! 

Love, Hannah Lee

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